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    Silicon fuses in the Intel PCH MP20

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      So, Intel's Z6xx solutions support secure boot and OTP fuses in the Platform Controller Hub. I have looked through the documentation on the MP20 and it says nothing about secure boot or silicon fuses. Is this information confidential?

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          Since you are using Intel® Atom, I want to make you aware of a special place  to go with your technical questions.  The Intel e-Help desk is staffed  by Intel representatives dedicated to  answering embedded Intel®  architecture product, design and development  questions for select Intel  processors..


          The  Intel e-Help  desk is only available to registered privileged users.  Before you can  access e-Help, you will first have to upgrade your  community membership  to privileged status. Privileged account status also  allows you to access  special documents and tools at the Intel® Embedded  Design Center. Note  that it usually takes a few days for the approval  process, and it  normally requires that your company has a  Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)  with Intel. If you are interested,  follow the link below to your ‘My  Account’ page and request privileged access.




          (Look for this on the right side of page:    Manage Intel ® Embedded Design Center Privileged Account )


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