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    Enabling GPU capability for Atom Processor N2800

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      Hello Guys,

      We have installed EMGD driver version 1.15 on our Embedded Intel® Atom™ Processor N2800 with Intel® NM10 Express Chipset and we are trying to use GPU capability,but some how the driver is not detetcing the GPU(i.e we could not see any OpenGL support form the driver).
      All we can see is windows opengl 1.1.0
      Can you please help us in enabling the GPU capability for our hardware.

      Thank you,Venki

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          Kirk Brown Belt

          You do not say, but it appears that because you are using EMGD 1.15 instead of GMA driver, that you are using either the now obsolete Windows XP, or the reduced capability Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE).


          If you check the Technical Product Specification (Intel Confidential document avaialble under NDA from our Intel Business Link site) you will see that OpenGL support is a "no"  for EMGD 1.15 on XP and WEC7.


          I am sorry to say there are no plans to enable any additional OpenGL capability for either of those two operating systems.  If you need additional capability, we would recommend updating your O/S to either Windows 7, or Linux to get further OpenGL capability.

          Hope this helps.