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    Seavo’s NVR Solution Based On Intel Cedar Trail

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      An x86 based NVR Solution will be introduced below. The solution uses Intel newest processors—D2000/N2000 series (Cedar View) as the MCU, it can provide 2 gigabit Ethernet controllers for network transmitting and 8 roads through the storage extension controllers for video storage. The test result shows that this solution can support 8 road 1080P HD video recording or 16 roads 720P and 1 road 1080P HD decoding for local display. Compared to the other NVR solutions, our solution based on X86 architecture has many advantages such as: matured technique, shorter development cycle, lower power and cost, more excellent performance and longer life cycle (stable supply for 7 years) and etc., can well satisfy the demands of NVR and is very worth considering.



      NVR and general x86 framework computer are tending to be unified

      NVR (Network video recorder)which is the inevitable result of the development of network technology and video compression technology, is the sign shows that video surveillance industry is stepping into the network era. NVR, which can finish receiving the digital video bit stream transported by IPC, DVS, data storage, video display and management through the network, is becoming the core product of a video surveillance system.

      Network, storage, display and management become the four basic functions of NVR. It is easy to see that the hardware of NVR and general X86 framework computers, which support network, storage and display, are almost the same, the only difference is the requirement of the quantity and performance of the interfaces.

      It is generally known that x86 architecture has more advantages. It is easier to renew or develop the application software and has better OS compatibility. The solutions based on x86 always own richer interfaces and more excellent processing performance.

      According to the demand of NVR product for the hardware platform, we design a NVR system based on X86 architecture as shown In Figure1 by choosing SEAVO’s motherboard NVR SV1-255A as the hardware platform, which can fulfilled the requirements of high stability and supporting multiplex network transmission, mass digital storage, local HD display, together with specified management software.


      Three major function requirement of NVR: network, storage and display

      The network is used for data transmission, NVR need to receive recorded data of the front-end device and forward the local data to the control center at the sameso two independent network ports are requiredone for receiving data and the other for forwarding or is just standby.

      Storage function is used for data storage of front-end device, because of the special requirements of the security monitoring, storage space must be large enough and support raid in order improve the reliability of data, and number of hard disk interface for storage cannot less than 8.

      For display, supporting 1 road 1080P HD video decoding and dual independent display is the minimum requirements.

      Application of Intel Atom processor in the area of NVR

      Intel launched a new structure of the embedded processor platform ---Atom in Jun 2008, which uses the low power technique of notebook CPU and 45nm chip-manufacturing process successfully for the first time.

      Seavo, as the pathfinder of the X86-Based Security Monitoring hardware solution, has launched more than 300 kinds of products based on Atom since 2008,including the first X86+DSP motherboardlow power HD decoder motherboardSVR motherboard supported 18 SATA Server motherboard with dual HDMImultiple Mini PCIE, SATA and so on.

      Seavo's motherboards based on Atom have won the recognition of NVR area by its multiple interface, low power, excellent performance, high stability and stable supply.

        Intel launched the third generation Atom platform——Cedar trail in Feb. Cedar View built on Intel’s 32nm process and dual core architecture. Its TDP is within 10W while 1080P HD video decoding and variety display interfaces are supporte. 2012 and Seavo launched its NVR motherboard based on Cedar trail.

      Future of security surveillance in the inter-connecting era

      The whole world is walking into a new era. NVR’s appearance has broken the boundary between X86 and video record completely, specifically in the following aspects:

      • Intel’s CPU has improved its performance on video decode, network storage;
      • Atom platform has made NVR motherboard based on X86 architecture more competitive on cost and power.
      • NVR based on X86 platform has made the software migration more easier and it is good for the company to occupy market rapidly
      • X86 as an open platform , is benefit to unify the technical standards

      So to speak, the future of security industry will be more wonderful, “smarter safety” will be possible and, more chances will appear and existing order can be change.

      In all, with the appearance of NVR, Seavo can apply her research and manufacture experience of X86 for more than 20 years to the security industry and so far more than ten thousands security devices have used Seavo’s NVR boards and are always running stably.