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    Connectivity for Transportation

    Green Belt

      There are so many areas where intelligent systems can be used and many of those topics are showing up here in the Embedded Community.  However, I don't see much discussion of how intelligent systems are supporting a move toward safer travel means and an overall more connected transportation infrastructure.  Just a week ago, the inagural International Conference for Connected Vehicles and Expo (ICCVE - www.iccve.org) took place in Beijing, PRC.  Intel participated in this technology as did Lilee Systems and other leading technology companies.

      The following three guest blogs from the event are posted to Design News:

      "Inspiring Keynote Delivered at ICCVE" -


      "ICCVE: Rail Transportation & Communications" -


      "ICCVE: The Importance of Standards" -



      This was the inagural event and the topics discussed were indepth, but there is much more to be done to achieve full connectivity across all of transportation.