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    PCIe slot support on 1-n450 dev board?

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      I'd be curious to know if folks have had success using the PCIe slot on the 1-n450 development system.


      My 1-n450 development board doesn't appear to be detecting my Intel CT desktop gigabit PCIe card (the NIC uses an Intel 82574L).  With Linux running on the board an lspci command shows the two Ethernet devices included on the development system but not the NIC installed in the PCIe slot.


      I've tried the various South Bridge BIOS settings for the PCIe lane configuration allocation including the BIOS "use jumper" setting, with no jumper installed.


      Here is some additional information on my dev board:


      GM MCH Version: 00 (A0 Stepping)

      ICH8M Version: 04   

      IGD VBIOS Version: 2001

      EC Firmware Version: 001.000

      Carrier Version: Rev 1B


      Since I want to get a total of three network interfaces I'd really like to get this NIC working in the PCIe slot.


      Thanks for any help or suggestions.


      Take care,