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    which chipset support the MSI-X interrupt? H77? Z77? Q77?

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      I have a PCIe SSD card which is properly worked with MSI-X interrupt on my server(a HP server, I don't know its part number either the chipset model) with a Centos 6.3 OS


      but once I installed this PCIe SSD card into my PC(CPU: I7, Chipset: H77, OS: same as HP server), the PCIe SSD card could only work with MSI interrupt, so i guess is this because the H77 not support the MSI-X??


      I'm pretty sure that I5 and I7 CPU support MSI-X because I found this feature on their datasheets, and I'm so confusing because I thought the one PCIE slot i'm using is direct connect to CPU, it shouldn't have anything to do with the chipset......


      I called the 800 of intel call center, they just tell me to come here to get the answer, what a noob....