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    BLDK Source Level Debug Interface

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      We use the BLDK package (CB-EDKII-PostGold- on our CrownBay based platform, and are trying to get the source level debugger running. We are able to get it running on the Intel CRB board, but on our platform we cannot seem to connect to the target. Since by default the debugger will use the Super-IO UART port for debugging, I think this issue is caused by the fact that we use another Super-I/O chip on our board (which requires a customized initialization).


      - My question is where I can find the code responsible for connecting the source level debugger to the host PC? I tried changing the SrcDebugSerialPortLib (as defined in CrownBayPlatformPkg.dsc) to our customized SuperIO serial port code, but this doesn't seem to have any effect.

      - Also, is it possible to change the interface used for debugging (e.g. to an IOH UART or USB port)?