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    DN2800MT battery questions

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      First, perhaps a silly question...how does one unplug the battery on this motherboard to replace it?  Is there a lock release or special tool?  I managed to rip the mating connector right off the SMT pads of one motherboard, and badly damaged the connector on another trying to get the battery disconnected.  It appears as if there's a latching mechanism underneath the part (next to the PCB).  Part numbers or sources for replacements?


      Second, are there settings in the BIOS (directly or through the toolkit) that allow it to ignore the state of the battery?  We use the board in an embedded product that has no keyboard and no traditional display.  We really don't make use of the RTC other than for file time stamping, and even this is optional.  But with the battery disconnected, the current BIOS behavior is to put a series of prompts on the VGA connector display asking the user to press <ENTER> to continue.  To our end user, the device will be dead. 



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          Hi John


          Battery replacement for the Intel® Desktop Board DN2800MT is described in the user's guide, starting on page 39.  It states that the battery is attached to the board with an "adhesive pad".  So you have to pry it off carefully, there is no mechanical latch. 




          As for the BIOS settings, you might have an issue if there is no power to the CMOS, e.g. when the battery is removed.   (see top of page 39).


          For embedded products, I highly recommend that you check out a full range of boards and other system elements that are specifically designed and supported for embedded applications.   There are 2,500+ solutions available from the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance, Intel's trusted ecosystem of 200+ member companies serving the embedded space.  You can learn more about it here:



          I hope this helps




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              Thanks for your response.  I do have a copy of the user's guide.  My issue is not with removing the battery from the board, but in unplugging the cable, namely:


              5. Disconnect the battery cable from the Desktop Board battery connector

              (Figure 15, A).


              On the two units I tried, this was not an easy thing to do without damaging the cable or the board, despite having a decent set of electronics tools at my disposal.  I believe there is a latching mechanism built into the connector in the form of a "nib" on the underside of the plug and two plastic "leaves" on the bottom of the mating connector.  The nib pushes apart the leaves during insertion, but once fully inserted, the leaves come back together, partially trapping the nib.  This may be intended as just an enhanced friction lock.


              Assuming you're right about the lack of a removal tool, are there replacement batteries available with this connector?  I do wish Intel had just used a standard 0.1" header.