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    E680 Backlight Linux

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      We are using a Seco Quadmo-747 E680 embedded Q7 board in our communications device. Most of our software is bound to the ubuntu 12.04 platform.

      The hardware has been verified to work with windows 7 and IEMGD, using mostly standard configurations - including backlight control.


      We are using the open source gma_500 driver, and modified the driver for to default to LVDS output and resolution to support our LCD. At present our only problem is that writing to the backlight registers(BLC_PWM_CTL/BLC_PWM_CTL2) only results in a hardly detectable glitch in the backlight - which is always on, and stays on. So we are definitely doing something wrong.


      I do not have access to documentation regarding the backlight control in the tunnel creek platform. All I can find is some information on oak trail - perhaps the bitfields are different ?


      Does anyone have any information that might help us along.