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    Upcoming Webinar: An Intelligent Approach to Machine Design

    s_werkhoven Brown Belt


      Thursday 23 May 2013  
      2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT / 18:00 UTC/GMT (Duration: 1 hour)


      The world is transitioning from traditional fixed-function and isolated machines to a new category of intelligent systems that offer vastly enhanced user experiences and increased information flow. In an effort to build smarter machines and manufacturing equipment for the intelligent factory, machine builders improve their control architectures with embedded systems that help them implement advanced control and monitoring tasks. This joint webinar from National Instruments and Intel provides insight into the challenges machine builders face today and demonstrates proven methods and solutions that help designers get ahead of the competition. You can see the impact graphical system design and customizable off-the-shelf hardware have on design process and success. You can also learn how embedded control and monitoring systems help builders understand differentiated machines without leaving their comfort zone.



      Christian Fritz, Sr. Product Manager for Advanced Machines and Robotics, National Instruments

      Christian Fritz is the senior product manager for Advanced Machine Control and Robotics at National Instruments. In his role he works closely with partners and customers who build cutting edge machinery and devices. He has been working for National Instruments since 2002 and has international speaking experience. Christian is holding an electrical engineering degree of the university of applied sciences in Munich, Germany.


      Tim Appleton, Business Development Manager, Energy and Industrial Sector

      Tim Appleton is Director of Business Development for Intel’s industrial computing business.  Tim has 12 years of experience in a range of roles in the industrial and manufacturing sector covering industrial business strategy definition, embedded CPU product line management, manufacturing operations management and manufacturing process development for Intel’s world-class manufacturing fabs.  Tim holds a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from Arizona State University.


      Dexter Johnson
      Analyst at Cientifica, a business intelligence company for emerging technologies
      Author and Editor of several market reports on nanotechnology
      Contributing editor for IEEE Spectrum’s Tech Talk
      Program Director for numerous international conferences on nanote