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    IEEE 1588 Time stamps on 82574 - Issues with UDP

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      I am using the 82754 chip on the embedded windows 7 platform. I have enabled IEEE1588 time stamping to receive UDP PTP packets. I am unable to get time stamps for the received packets. My settings are as below


      TSYNCRXCTL - 0x14 (Rx enabled and receive all V2 packets)

      RXUDP - 0x13F (319)

      TIMINCA - Configured for appropriate interval and period

      SYSTIMH - Set to init value

      RXSTMPH - Read this to clear the valid flag


      When I configure TSYNCRXCTL = 0x18 (Receive all packets) - Time stamping works. But this does not help me as I need the sequence number of the packet associated to the timestamp.


      Also if I configure my system to receive Layer 2 PTP - RXMTRL = 0x88f7, with TSYNCRXCTL = 0x14 (Only V2 packets), then time stamping works fine with sequence numbers being reported.


      So I have issue when configuring for UDP packets expecting to timestamp only V2 packets. If anyone has any idea on this issue please respond.