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    Intelligent Gateway controller for emergency solutions in transportation market

    Green Belt

      Market: Intelligent Transportation

      Location: The Netherlands

      Technology Partner: Thales Nederland for Dutch Railways NS

      Project Introduction

      Two differing views about passenger safety at stations have dictated station design for the last

      150 years or more. For most of the world, it has been assumed that passengers (and other

      members of the public) will take care of their own safety when walking on or near a railway.

      Station entrances and exits must be designed for the number of passengers passing through

      them under both normal and emergency conditions. Specific emergency exit requirements are

      outlined in many countries as part of safety legislation or in standards set down by the railways

      or other organizations. These codes usually define the exit flows and the types of exits allowed

      for passages, stairways, escalators, and other structural features.

      In addition to what the codes define, station entrances must be welcoming to prospective passengers.

      Stations must also have sufficient entrances to cater to the different sides of the railway

      route, but at the same time, take into consideration the cost effectiveness of each entrance.

      The cost of staffing ticket offices can be considerable and the number of ticket offices must

      be managed to suit the patronage.

      Careful consideration must be paid such issues as which way doors open. On the Paris Metro

      in 1918, a crowd panicked during an air raid on the city and 66 people were killed in a crush

      trying to get into the station for shelter. The obstacle that triggered the crush was a set of doors

      that only opened outwards - normally the right direction for safety, but not when the crowd is

      trying to rush in! Subsequently, it became Metro policy that all doors had to open both ways.

      System Requirements

      It was with these safety concerns in mind that Dutch company Thales Hengelo developed the

      Gateline Emergency Units (GEU’s) for the Netherlands Railway and others. In the event of a fire

      or other emergency, the GEUs will automatically open all the ticket gates to allow passengers

      to escape quickly and prevent crushes.