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    Basic VBios Question

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      I would appreciate someone clearing up a few basic questions.


      I have a desire to use the IEGD Ver 6 UBS to create a custom bios which for a PC104 CPU

      that uses the 855gme chipset.  I realize that this is somewhat old technology but this is for

      a legacy support effort and need to make these changes.


      I realize that the toolset creates the Vbios.bin file for adding to the System Bios as an option

      rom.  What is the purpose of the DOSVGA tsr executable??  This is not clear to me.

      Any help that can be offered would be appreciated.




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          The executable is a "terminate and stay resident" version of the VBIOS BIN file that can be tested under DOS.  It allows you to tweak seetings and try them without having to merge and reflash the BIOS over iterations.  If you are happy with the VBIOS operation, then it is no use after you update your bios in flash with the updated VBIOS.  I am surprised that information was not in the User's Guide...


          Hope this helps.