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    Intel AIM Suite: How much CPU power is needed for around 27 "Audience Counter Instances" (i.e. cameras) if connected to one server?

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      _Dear Fellows,


      I am writing this thread in order to obtain an understanding on the
      processing power that is needed for the Audience Counter Instances to run on a
      single server.


      I am working on a project where we want to install 27 cameras associated
      with 27 digital signage displays (ranging from 32 to 65 inches each and
      playing video commercials) which are all in a radius of 100 meters. I am
      thinking the following two scenarios:


      Scenario 1.

      Each display is connected in a digital signage player (ex. Intel Horse
      Canyon), which means that a content management system is installed in that
      machine, and the camera is also attached to that machine which means that the
      Intel AIM suite is running on that machine too.


      Scenario 2.

      Each display is connected in a digital signage player (smaller capacity of
      Intel Horse Canyon) with the content management system installed and all the
      cameras are connected in a powerful-enough server with the Intel AIM Suite


      My intention is to follow the most cost effective scenario while maintaining
      a high quality of the solution. As result I need to answer the following
      technical questions in order to proceed accordingly:


      1) Are both scenarios technically feasible?


      2) What kind of processing power do I need in each scenario in order to
      achieve high quality of view (no framing of the videos) and not losing data
      from the cameras?


      3) In case I follow the second scenario is it possible to use USB cameras
      along with USB extender (ex. Logitech HD Webcam C910) and connect all instances
      to a server considering the fact that each camera may need from a couple of
      meters up to a hundred meters of USB cable until it is connected to the server?
      Or do I need an IP camera (ex. Axis M1054) connected to the server over an
      Ethernet cable which allows more distance?


      4) Is there a software limit on the instances that can be handled on one AIM
      Suite installation?


      5) I suppose it is possible for the AIM Suite to communicate with the
      content management system (digital signage player) in case those two are not
      installed in the same machine.


      Things to keep in mind:


      1) I need to configure the camera at a resolution of 1280 x 960 because the
      audience in up to 50 feet and not 25 feet as the Intel AIM Suite manual
      suggests. As a result more processing power is needed.


      2) How big the difference is if the 27 cameras go as high as 36?


      It may not be possible to answer all these questions through here. However I
      would appreciate any advice provided.


      Finally, I may thank you in advance for all the answers.


      Kind Regards,

      John An.