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    New Year, New Bay Trail System from NORCO-Habey

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      With the new year, NORCO-habey is bringing you new products and new Intel® technologies. Intel® recently released the latest version of their Atom™ and Celeron™ series of processors. Formerly known as Baytrail, the new E3800 Atom™, J1000 and N2000 Celeron® series processors bring new Intel® tech never before seen on these platforms. Technologies such as the Intel® AES, Intel® Virtualization Technology as well as 64-Bit support can now be found on these low-power entry-level processors.


      Our latest Fanless system, the BIS-6660C seeks to make the most use of the latest Intel® platforms. This powerful system is capable of taking care of any low to mid range tasks for any industrial setting. Full equipped with 6 COM ports and GPIO, this a great system for automation and other control applications. The BIS-6660C's powerful HD Video capabilities powered by Intel® HD Graphics allows this system to display high-definition images. Multiple mini PCI-E slots allow further expansion of the system such as Wifi and/or a celluar module to be used with the 2 on-board SIM slots.


      Utilizing the Gen 2 ICEFIN™ passive cooling system, the BIS-6660C is designed to withstand rugged and demanding environments. The vent-hole free design makes it a perfect system to use in a dusty or dirty setting or space. The new Intel® Atom™ and Celeron® platforms are sure to be expand on what can be done with low-power SoCs with added Intel® Tech. Packaged in the BIS-6660C, this system is sure to take on anything you can throw at it.


      Take a quick view of this solution:


      Product Features:
      -Efficient Fanless Design with Intel Atom E3800 Processor
      -Vent-hole Free Construction with Two Expansion Slots
      -HDMI + VGA + DVI-D Dual Independent Display
      -Mini-PCIe Expansion with One SIM Socket for Wifi and 3G/4G Modules
      -Two Gigabit Ethernet Ports and Six USB Ports
      -Expandable to Six COM Ports with up to 5 RS-485 Configuration


      The Next Generation of Bay Trail Atom Processors
      Take a look at the the newest Intel Atom/Celeron System featuring our Generation 2 ICEFIN chassis design. We highlight the main features of the BIS-6660C and suggest some applications and solutions the system can handle.