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    Intel AIM Suite

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      Dear Fellows,


      I was wondering if someone can answer the following


      I am planning to install a few cameras in order to count
      opportunities-to-see in front of displays which will play advertising videos
      in a loop of 4 minutes.


      The following enquiries come to my mind:



      1. Due to the fact that each camera will point in a
        wide area with lots of people passing that targeting area such as 100 – 120 and
        considering that this crowd will be within the velocity specifications of the
        camera (i.e. within 120 degrees wide and 25 feet distance) how accurate are the
        measures that the camera will return through the Intel AIM Suite? How many
        faces the camera/software can count simultaneously?
      2. Considering the fact that in each display where
        the camera will be installed in order to count the impressions will have a Content
        Management System (CMS). Is it possible that the CMS and AIM suite will
        collaborate in order to extract statistics based on the people that saw each
        advertisement (i.e. slot of 20’’ – 30’’) etc. If yes what is the underlying
        technology that allows this collaboration?


      Thank you in advance.


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          Hello, Johnanerousis!  I checked with the AIM team and here is their response:


          Answer for question 1.  It Varies from system to system . An approximate calculation can be made by dividing the viewing area by the size of the faces and multiplying that by 80%. Take that number as an average based on an Intel i5 processor system. Lower processors will process fewer faces.

          Answer to question 2. This is an Intel proprietary technology for recognizing faces on advertisement modules. No info can be shared about how the system works internally.


          There is also and AIM Suite Support site located at aim-support@intel.com.  The knowledge base is located at Knowledge Base | Intel® AIM Suite.

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              Dear LynnZ,


              Thank you very much for the reply.


              Please let me rephrase question 2.


              2. We are thinking of using two systems on our digital signage network. For every 4-5 screens there will be two players. On the first player the content management software will be installed and the second player will run the AIM Suite software (one camera per screen, so 4-5 cameras). Is there a possibility or a way that the AIM is communicating with the Content Management software in order to derive campaign statistics and analytics, since they are installed in different players?

              For example OTS, how many people saw each slot, age gender per slot etc.


              Hope this rephrasing helps