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    Intel E3800 MIPI-Camera Interface

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      Hello Folks,

           I'm trying to understand what is involved in writing device drivers for the MIPI-Camera interface in the E38xx processor family. I will be targeting the Linux kernel 3.x flavor and I've read over the E3800 data sheet, but it would seem that more information is needed to actually write a MIPI-Camera driver (with ISP support, etc.) for the part. Are there any examples of MIPI-Camera drivers for the E3800 out there? Where is a good place to start with this? It would seem that there should be some guide on how to do this somewhere, but I must be missing it.


           I'm familiar with Linux device driver issues, etc. and I've written MIPI camera drivers for other processors before (OMAP4, etc.) but I want to make sure I really understand how the MIPI-Camera device works on this part. It is one of the most interesting features on the processor and enables many new vision/visual products, so I'm hoping that we can make the process of supporting low cost cameras on the new BayTrail-I chips smooth going for people.