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    Need to force an SSD to SATA Gen2 speed

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      We are using an Intel 520 Series SSD on an embedded system using a COM Express board and a custom carrier. This disk supports SATA Gen3 speed.


      There seems to be a problem with SATA signal integrity on our carrier that precludes reliable operation at Gen3 speeds (it does operate reliably at Gen2 speed). Thus we need to force the disk to always auto-negotiate Gen2 speed with the (Gen3 capable) SATA controller.


      We are checking the possibility of accomplishing our goal via the BIOS. It is not clear whether that can be done (this feature seems to not work reliably). Thus we would like to be able to do it on disk's side.


      The local representative hinted that it is doable via a special software tool. Is there a way to obtain this tool?




      Beni Falk