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    E38xx  EMGD support

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      Is there IEMGD support for Atom E38xx? Or in the future?


      Which OS will contain OpenGL drivers? Will WEC7 be supported?




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          LynnZ Brown Belt

          Welcome back, jozsefkiss!  It does appear that EMGD supports Atom E38xx (Bay Trail).  Here is a link to the EMGD page and another for the download.  It looks like this:

          EMGD Page.PNG

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              Kirk Brown Belt

              A few more details:


              Win 8 and 8.1 drivers should be in download center as as the GMA/ HD Graphics driver on N2920 and J1900 as well as other Baytrail based processors.


              WEC7 is in alpha for limited early adopter customers and will be released later this year.


              We tend to support OpenGles on embedded OS like WEC7 and OpenGL on "full" operating systems like Linux and Windows 7/8/8.1.