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    i915 IEGD dual independant head multiple framebuffers linux

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      We are currently using the i915 driver on RHEL 6 on a i7 620EL VME SBC. We have two displays we want to draw on independantly. We could use either extended or dual independant head mode. We do not want to use X. As such we are prototyping using directfb which uses /dev/fb0. At present the i915 is only giving us clone mode for /dev/fb0. As such we looked at using two graphics cards to give us two /dev/fb*, ie /dev/fb0 and /dev/fb1. This hardware solution has been excluded. I have a number of basic questions as I am a embedded graphics/linux newbie.

      1) can i configure i915 to give us extended/DIH mode for the /dev/fb0.

      2) can i configure i915 to five use two framebuffers /dev/fb0 and /dev/fb1.

      3) as above for the IEGD.


      Any advice or alternative solutions would greatly appreciated.