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    Query about PCI enumeration in UEFI(MinnowBoard)

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      Hi All,


      We are using MinnowBoard as a reference and Minnow UEFI as a firmware for one of our custom board.


      We have a PCIe-PCI bridge connected to PCIe port 1 [00|18|00] of Atom E6xx. On the other side of PCIe to PCI bridge, we have a FPGA device which identifies itself as a PCI device using a IP core.

      During EFI PCI enumeration, resource is not allocated for the FPGA(PCI) device(requests 256MB of Memory space via BAR). Why resource allocation has not happened for the PCI (FPGA) device?


      If a new on-board PCI device is added, do we have to do any configuration in EFI, to support that device?

      Please help on this to fix this issue. Attached the logs and setup diagram.