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    MinnowBoard UEFI 8MB firmware Image issue

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      In MinnowBoard UEFI there is an option to create 8 MB firmware image, our custom board has 8MB SPI flash (Part Number:SST25VF064C). We updated the GenericSpiFlash.c file for the particular flash chip(Only size calculation is changed, all other values like opcode are similar to Winbond on MinnowBoard). The following are the queries regarding SPI flash chip

      1) The UEFI keeps on restarting and does-not boot into shell.

      2)  We tried flashing 4MB Minnow image on top of flash.( offset 0x400000 to Top Of Flash). But we were not able to boot it and it throws the following error.

      ASSERT c:\uefi\minnow_dev\MdePkg\Library\BaseLib\CheckSum.c(124): (Length & 0x1) == 0

      3) We replaced the Winbond 4 MB chip on MinnowBoard with our 8 MB flash and tried booting MinnowBoard with the 8MB firmware and still the restart problem persists. Has the 8 MB firmware been validated on any chip? Why can't I flash 4MB image on Top of Flash as like BLDK?


      Attached logs for your reference. Kindly help us fix the issue.