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    800x480 LCD Connected through LVDS is Off Center

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      I am attempting to connect a Mitsubishi AA070MC01 LCD with an ADLINK cExpress-HL-i7-4650U board mounted to a Connect Tech Type 6 Rugged Ultra-Lite Carrier CCG012. I have had a custom LVDS cable made and the screen displays and WES7 detects it. However the image displayed is off centered, the "center" of the image is in the top left region of the screen.


      I have attached all of the user manuals/data sheets for the components used.

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          Hi Joshbowen,


          Thank you for posting your question in Intel Embedded Community.

          I am happy to help you with this issues, and would really appreciate if you could answer the following questions:

          1. Is it single or double screen? What display mode is it, clone or extend?

          2. How many AA070MC01 LCD do you have? And does the system work with another LCD?

          3. Could you please tell me what exact version of the graphic driver?

          4. Could you please describe the screen, if you do not install the graphic driver.

          Please get back to me with the above information in order to assist you accordingly.


          Best regards,


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              1. The system is using two screens, the AA070MC01 is connected to LVDS and I have a Desktop monitor connected through display port. I have tested the system in both cloned and extended modes and it displays the same issue.


              2. I have a single AA070MC01 and as mentioned above the second LCD is connected through a display port connector.


              3. I am using Intel(R) HD Graphics 5000 Version:


              4. If there is no display driver installed then the lvds screen clones the display port monitor and scales to full screen.


              I believe I have narrowed down the possible causes of my issue. I can display an 800x480 resolution on the lvds screen, however, when I center the image it is off centered. I believe this is due to the fact that in my device manager the lvds screen is recognized as a Digital Flat Panel (1024x768). Therefore, when I center the screen it is centering on the middle of a 1024x768 space, causing the offset when an 800x480 resolution is displayed. The solution would be to have the screen recognized as a Digital Flat Panel (800x480) however I am unsure of how to accomplish this.

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              The board is a Haswell (4th gen) processor according to online datasheets.  That processor does NOT have native LVDS output but does have embedded display port (eDP).  eDP uses an EDID to set the timing of the panel.  Because the board is outputting LVDS, that means there is a converter chip from another company like Chrontel, NXP or Parade.  Those chips need to provide an EDID that tells the driver what the timing parameters are for the panel you wish to use.


              Adlink needs to provide a mechanism to update the EDID on their converter chip with the LVDS data for the panel you want to use. There is an alternative in the creation of the "BIOS" on the platform that allows the VBT to be updated with a custom DTD for the eDP that it would use for timing, but that again requires the board provider to either provide all the pieces needed (including the Intel BMP tool to make the custom VBT that contains YOUR panel timing) to create a custom firmware for your platform.


              Sorry that we cant directly help you.