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    Hardware Rendering with WPF and Atom CPUs

    loepfe Community Member

      We are running a rich WPF application (OS=Windows Embedded Standard 7) on a Atom N2800@1.86GHz system using the latest GMA3600 drivers.


      We found out that the HW rendering is dramatically worse than SW rendering.


      When I google this, some say that all Atom CPUs do NOT support rendering Tier 1 and this is a HW limitation. Is this true?

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          Brown Belt

          As you know by default WPF uses Hardware acceleration (GPU) to render its content (aka Hardware rendering).
          In most cases rendering using Hardware (HW) acceleration is much more performant than rendering using Software. In some small cases SW rendering may be faster (E.g. low end graphics card or some Integrated graphics card.

          About rendering tier mode definitions, please see the following web site.


          Atom N2800 (OS:WES7) supports HW codes & acceleration (please see Doc. ID: 474854, page 6 & Doc. ID: 496016, page 156). The DirectX version level must be greater than or equal to version 9.0.

          But processor N2800 as Atom platform has its limitations in graphic processing performance. Hope helps



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              loepfe Community Member

              I assume the answer to my question (Do Atom platforms support rendering with WPF Tier 1?) lies in the documents you are refering. Unfortunately, I do not have acces to these documents ("Not Authorized to Access"). Is there a way to have a look at the documents?

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                  LynnZ Brown Belt

                  Hello.  Those documents are classified as Intel Confidential and since you have a Privileged EDC role, you should be able to get access them. The links that were provided to you went to a different system and that is why they didn't open for you.  In a separate email, I will send you page 6 of document 474854.  I am in the process of getting document 496016,  Product Requirements Document (PRD): Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver (Intel® GMA Driver) for Windows*7, added to the EDC.  In the future, you will be able to type '496016' in the search bar of the EDC.  As soon as I have a link to the document for you to access, I will email it to you.  Thank you for your patience!  LynnZ