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    Intel IoT Gateway & Intel Galileo

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      If I'm right the Intel IoT Gateway DK50 Series is based on the same processor as the Intel Galileo:

      - As I already possess an Intel Galileo I was wondering if the software installed on the  DK50 is available so that I can install it on the Intel Galileo? I could then use my Galileo as dev platform, and wait for the DK100-DK200-DK300 for production?

      - When will the DK100, DK200, DK300 become available?


      Using the Linux (from https://software.intel.com/en-us/iotdevkit)

      - What is the suggested WiFi mini board for the Intel Galileo that is supported under this Linux?

      - What is the suggested XBee / ZigBee add-on board for the Intel Gaileo that is supported under this Linux?

      - Last question: since the Intel Galileo is rather an enhanced board (maybe a little bit overkill for use as an edge-end device?) does Intel have plans for a less enhanced edge-end device board?


      Many thanks.