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    Atom E6xx hangs after call FspInitEntry()

    binmeng Community Member

      I am using Intel Crown Bay CRB to develop my own bootloader based on Intel FSP for Atom E6xx @ https://www-ssl.intel.com/content/www/us/en/intelligent-systems/intel-firmware-support-package/intel-fsp-overview.html


      Now the fist stage of FSP initialization (TempRamInitEntry) is completed with success, but after I call FspInitEntry (the 2nd stage initialization) the board hangs.

      I instrumented my codes to output a number to port 80h before calling FspInitEntry() and output another different number to port 80h after FspInitEntry() returns to its ContinuationFunc, but the first number was shown in the board's 7-segment LEDs.


      Any hint? Does FSP output anything to port 80h for any debugging purpose?