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    82574L issue in Windows 8.1

    h241x Green Belt

      We are losing network connections on 82574L chips in embedded systems in Windows 8.1. 


      I can do continuous large file downloads from a network share all day long in Windows 7, but in Windows 8.1, it will drop the connection within a matter of minutes, and typically cannot be recovered until you restart the PC. 


      This is not just on a single PC:  it occurs on embedded PC's with Intel i7-U660 and i7-E610 CPU's using 82574L.  Windows 7 is rock solid;  Windows 8.1 cannot keep a network connection going for more than 10 minutes.


      The network adapter driver in Windows 8.1 is Intel driver v   I cannot update it to PROSet 19.1 or 19.3, apparently because these driver packages have no NDIS6.4 driver (as needed in Win8.1) for 82574L.


      I recently stumbled upon this Intel note:  Network Connectivity — Is my Intel® Ethernet Adapter supported in Microsoft Windows 8.1*?


      Although the above note is oriented towards network adapter cards rather than the actual chips, I find that "Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter" has 82574L, and according to the above note, has only "In Box" support in Windows 8.1, not "Full Support".  And according to the footnote:  "Driver and software updates are not planned for adapters with only in-box support. These adapters cannot be updated using automated or manual methods."


      Some questions:

      1. Is it true that 82574L has only "In Box" support in Windows 8.1?
      2. Is there any possibility I am encountering a bug in the driver provided with Windows 8.1?
      3. How would I go about confirming such a bug, and reporting it to Intel?
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          gabriel.thomas Brown Belt

          Hello h241x


          We are continuing to look into this request,  We will reply again soon when we have information for you.



          Gabriel Thomas

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            gabriel.thomas Brown Belt

            Hello h241x.



                Yes, for this controller, the drivers are inbox only. There is no full support or PROset ANS features.

                The connection issue could be related to some sort of power management either on the server port or the switch port. As a recommendation, please look at the power savings features related to the ports on both ends of the link and disable them. Some ports share IPMI management data. These disconnects may be happening during management role activities. Check if the board has IPMI, and if so, please see if it can be disabled. Hope this information is helpful, and help clear up the frequent disconnects.


            Best Regards.

            G. Thomas



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                h241x Green Belt

                Hi G. Thomas,


                Thanks for the reply.


                The boards in question do not support IPMI.


                I did check into other power management options, and found that "CPU C3 report to OS" and "CPU C6 report to OS" were enabled.


                (Just an aside:  in the past, with this same board series we had encountered a case in Windows 7 where "CPU C6 report" enabled was greatly reducing the network throughput when using 9000 byte jumbo frames.  Disabling "CPU C6 report" resulted in much higher data rates with jumbo frames.)


                Anyway:  sorry to say, disabling "CPU C3 report" and "CPU C6 report" had no effect on this problem in Windows 8.1;  it still fails very frequently.  I also tried disabling EIST & Turbo mode - again, no effect, it still fails.


                In my effort to simplify my initial problem description, I neglected to mention some additional details:

                1.  These boards all have two 82574L chips.

                2.  Oddly, only one 82574L on each board we test fails like this in Win8.1;  the other port does not fail, at least in several-hour tests.

                3.  And even more odd, it is not always the same 82574L among the tested boards:  on some boards it is port #1, on others it is port #2. (and it is not possible the ports are physically swapped:  the 8P8C jacks are soldered to the board)

                4.  But on a specific board, it is consistent:  it is always the same port that fails in Win8.1.


                I know this may sound like a hardware issue, but considering the fact that we have never reproduced a single failure in Win7 leads me back to suspecting the Win8.1 "in-box" driver.

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                    gabriel.thomas Brown Belt

                    Hello H241X.

                    When enabling jumbo frames, you need to make sure everything from the beginning to the end support that larger size frame. This includes any other switch the data travels through. If anything along the path isn’t configured correctly, it may end up getting fragmented and or packet loss. This can result in poorer than expected performance and momentary disconnects. One thing to try is reduce the frame size from 9K to 4K and test. Chances are this will reduce the potential for fragmentation and may reduce disconnect episodes.

                    I hope this information is useful for you, Please let us know if you have more questions.

                    Best Regards

                    G. Thomas

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                        h241x Green Belt

                        Hi Gabriel,


                        Thanks, but we don't have a problem with jumbo frames.  As I said above:  "Just an aside... " - which I mentioned regarding the "CPU C6 report to OS" setting.   We are not using jumbo frames in the current tests of Windows 8.1.


                        Do you have any other suggestions for our problem with Windows 8.1?