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    I need an IEGD for 865G

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      I need the XP Intel Embedded Graphics Driver for 865G. Can anyone point me to it?  The only IEGDs I currently find do not support this chipset. There used to be an 865 version downloadable on the Intel support website, but it doesn't appear to be available now.  I need to be able to create configs with DTD information for various monitors.

      Thanks for any help!

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          gabriel.thomas Brown Belt

          Hello Wern.


          Welcome to the community. Have you checked into this set of drivers available for XP

          Intel® Download Center .

          Take a look into this link and please let us know you if you could find a driver suitable for your needs.



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              Thanks for the reply, Gabriel.  I have checked into those drivers.  Unfortunately, all have very limited support for monitor resolutions, specifically widescreen.  There used to be a driver in the download center section for 865G called "Intel Embedded Graphics Driver (IEGD) with CED." This included a DTD editor allowing one to save monitor information to incorporate into the custom configuration.  Unfortunately, the only IEGD ones I see currently do not have 865G as a configuration option.

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                  LynnZ Brown Belt

                  Thanks for the reply, Jason!   I checked within Intel, too, and official chipset support on IEGD went from 855 to 910 with no chipsets in between.  The 865 might work with IEGD but that would be version 8.x of IEGD which Intel no longer supports and we checked the archives and 8.x does not exist. We have 10.x in the archives.  LynnZ.

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                      I appreciate you checking into it, Lynn.


                      If anyone out there happens to have the old 865G "Intel Embedded Graphics Driver (IEGD) with CED," please contact me.

                      Alternatively, I know when Intel moved from that Extreme Graphics 2 chipset to GMA the setup information file (igxp32.inf for Windows XP) began having a section for including a list of custom DTDs.  That's super-convenient, but it appears no such thing exists in the older line of drivers.  If anyone knows a nifty trick like that, I'd love to hear from you.


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                          Kirk Brown Belt

                          I just googled "IEGD 8" and in the short list of hits I found the driver on one of those driver sites here:

                          Intel drivers download

                          (click the less obvious picture of the disk to download NOT any of the other download links) 


                          Google is a wonderful thing- you should try it sometime!


                          Oddly enough, it takes you here: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/13824/eng/IEGD_8_0_GOLD_1063.exe

                          Apparently you are lucky and a file from 2007 is still on the server.


                          I downloaded and checked it and it IS the old IEGD 8.0 and the INF shows support for the 865.  This file is not supported anymore so if it works great and if it does not, it might be time to update you ancient and EOL hardware.

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                              Thanks, Mr. Snarky Google User.  Shockingly, I have used this Google thing before and even found the link you suggested.  The readme does not list 865 support, and if one tries to run the configuration program, one finds that 865 is not a choice in the chipset selection.  If you know how to use it to generate an installation for 865, or are driver savvy and can help me create one, I'd appreciate your help.


                              Thanks for looking into it.