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    Ethernet phy i210 transformerless

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      Hi Intel community,

      we are implementing the i210 in an embedded design and are wondering if it is possible to build a transformerless ethernet connection with it. 

      We would like to connect two i210 via 1m CAT5E cable. 

      as transformerless ethernet ever been tried with the i210? 


      As far as I know, the architecture of the driver ciruitry in the phy plays a role in this. Acc to the datasheet, the i210 has voltage mode drivers, that can be set to work in Class A or Class B mode.   Maybe you can give us some more information (maybe a rough schematic) on how the analog circuitry looks like. How did you implement Class A and Class B mode with the voltage mode driver?   


      Thank you and best regards,   Stefan Lange