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    [Bay trail] Bay trail HDA can not output from HDMI

    James_Lee Green Belt

      Hi All

           My platform is Bay trail -I E3845 D0, BIOS is coreboot + intel FSP3, test OS is WIN7.

           Issue description:

             on WIN7 device control manager have HDA, use HDMI interface Video have

        output, but audio no, from reltek codedec alc886 connect to earphone have output.


           I check code, I find FSP look like  to write verbtable fail, so after fsp initial, I rewrite

      verb table again its success, but HDA still no output.

           below is I check result,

            1. VGA ROM                   pass its leavage from AMI mp project.

            2. verbtable                     pass, I rewrite.

            3. HDA  device is on       pass.

            4. i2s                               fail.  device manager should be show correct monitor model name, but just show pnp monitor.

            5. reltek codec earphone pass.


            I want know

              1. Intel have porting guide for HDA?

              2. have other point I not yet to check?


                   Best Regards