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    C2558 power requirements?

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      Ordering the Intel Atom C2558 (FH8065501516709) what are the overall power requirements for this board?

      (2 sticks ram low voltage 1.35v 4gb ram)

      wattage of the CPU is 15w

      1 HD SSD 120gig SATA.




      How big of a 12v DC power adapter (brick external) do I need?



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          Leon Brown Belt

          Hi rob11,


          Welcome to the Intel® Embedded Community.


          The SoC has a TDP of 15 W, so the adequate size is equals to CPU(15 W) + RAM(?) + HDD(?) + Other devices(?)

          You can refer to the hardware vendor on the values for the other devices that are included.

          Though it would still be best to have a little more than what is just required.