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    Request information on System Memory Register for Processor Atom E3800 family

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      Hi Community members and Intel support team,


      We are undergoing a software development on an embedded board with Intel Atom Processor E3845. Since this board supports ECC memory module, there should be registers to hold the status of memory activities, like any ECC error detected and corrected, or any uncorrectable error occurred. After reading the Atom Processor E3800 series datasheet (#538136, Rev3.5) in below link:




      We already found some registers that are useful. Examples are

      1/ P.301, the DECCCTRL (DECCCTRL) – offset 60h

      2/ P.302, the DECCSBECNT (DECCSBECNT) – offset 62h


      However, to fully understand the registers, this document does not provide enough information. For example, we need the location of register

      1/ ERRNERR (FERRNERR)— the First Error and Next Error Register.


      We believe that the document #538136 does not include all the descriptions of registers. For example, on P.301, the register between location DECCCTRL and DECCSBECNT, offset 61h is missing. We believe the missing locations are the registers we want.


      In another project, we were already able to utilize these registers successfully on Atom Bay-trial-I CPU C2750 based on the document: "Intel® Atom™ Processor C2000 Product Family for Communications Infrastructure External Design Specification (EDS)", document #510524. The required registers are starting from P.875.


      So, we would like to ask if there are another document besides #538136 which includes all the register description?


      This enquiry has already post in Intel support and their engineer advise us to post it on communities, your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading this long post!