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    TPM 2.0 on Bay Trail

    FredYoung Green Belt

      I'm hoping that someone can help use with some TXE questions for the Bay Trail Soc. We plan to use coreboot to boot Linux via a custom coreboot payload with an E3845 Soc.


      We've been trying to determine how to make use of the TPM 2.0 functionality that's built into the TXE device on the Bay Trail Soc.


      We're able to start the MEI Linux drivers from drivers/misc/mei and run the TXEInfo command. Can we use this driver to issue TPM 2.0 requests to the TXE?


      If this doesn't work; can we use the TPM drivers from drivers/char/tpm instead?


      Does the tpm_tis driver work on Bay Trail?


      Do we need to add a TPM2 table to ACPI so that the tpm_tis driver sees the TXE device? We tried using Linux kernel 3.19 with the latest tpmdd-devel patches (which include Jarkko Sakkinen's patches to add TPM 2.0 support to the tpm driver) and made sure to enable CONFIG_TCG_TPM, CONFIG_TCG_TIS, and CONFIG_TCG_CRB in our kernel. However, the TPM 2.0 device was not seen by the tpm_tis driver (though the TXEInfo command worked fine).


      Is there sample TPM 2.0 source available that makes use of these drivers?


      Thanks in advance for your help.