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    XDP on x86 Core motherboard?

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      Maybe a dumb question.  I would like to try JTAG debugging using System Studio or other approach.  Our laboratory control application runs on x86 motherboards with PCI/PCIe slots and Core processors (currently self-hosted with QNX, moving to self-hosted with a real-time Linux).  Evidently I would need either a motherboard with an XDP connector or a topside probe to expose the JTAG pins?  I can't find any Core x86 motherboards with PCI slots that have an XDP connector.  I've seen a pic of one on page 5 here so I think they exist:  http://events.linuxfoundation.org/sites/events/files/slides/JTAG_Debugger.pdf


      Any advice greatly appreciated.


      Art Hays

      National Institutes of Health

      Bethesda, MD