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    Minnowboard UEFI fails to boot

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      Hi All,

               I am getting the following error while booting my custom hardware based on Minnowboard. I use FSP for MinnowBoard available from http://uefidk.intel.com/content/minnowboard-uefi-firmware-download


      PDB = c:\workspace\minnowfspsource\Build\MinnowBoardIntelNdaPkg\DEBUG_VS2008x86\IA32\MinnowBoardIntelNdaPkg\PlatformPei\PlatformPei\DEBUG\PlatformPeim.pdb


      Loading PEIM at 0x000FFFDF248 EntryPoint=0x000FFFDF318 PlatformPeim.efi

      PROGRESS CODE: V3020002 I0


      Button S0 is pressed. Entering recovery boot mode.

      Boot mode on recovery mode

      Install PPI: 17EE496A-D8E4-4B9A-94D1-CE8272300850

      From this I found out that it is taking button S0(Corewell GPIO_0) as pressed. In MinnowBoard schematics I see that GPIO_0 has been PULLED HIGH. However in our design it has been made as DNI. When I connect a Jumper to GPIO_0 to connect to Vcc(Pulling GPIO_0 High) the Board boots without an issue. I do not want to make hardware changes. I see that this condition checking is present in PlatformPei.efi file. I donot have access to its source code. What can be done to make UEFI skip this condition checking and boot normally ?

      Thanks in advance.