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    EMGD for WEC7 on Celeron N2930 works but how to change resolution?

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      Hi gurus:


      I downloaded the EMGD, INTEL_EMGD_BYT_WEC7_MR2_36.16.2_2006, for my board which has the N2930 on it.  The package contains the driver files, which consists of all the DLL, REL, LIB files, a utility CEDriverInfo.exe, and the user guide, but no REG file.  I followed the section and was able to get the video driver to load and run for WEC7.  The platform I used is from downloaded from adeano-embedded.com, file name is "Intel Processor WEC7 IO BSP.msi".  The instruction on section 5.3 (Configuring Intel® EMGD for Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7*/ Windows Embedded Compact 2013*) says something about the MBI, and the VBT which appears not applicable to my application.  First the BMP utility is not available to end user, but manufacturer as answered in the below link.


      Intel BMP utility for editing VBIOS | Intel Communities


      Second, the VBIOS VBT seems for BIOS development. And I am not.


      I tried to use the existing EMGD.REG from different version, but it would crash the system.


      Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.