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    Sage creates sub-second boot on X-ES XPedite7450 with ECC

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      Sage  Electronic Engineering, www.se-eng.com,  has established a new benchmark in fast boot, with a sub-second boot  to a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) for the XPedite7450 board  manufactured by Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc. www.xes-inc.com.

      “We have fully realized instant-on  capability, which did not exist before today in a high-reliability  environment,” said Sage CEO Scott Hoot. “A SageBIOS™ BSP is  booting a fully embedded VxWorks operating system from power on to  full OS load in less than a second.”

      A  principal element of the SageBIOS Board Support Package solution was  fully configuring four gigabytes of ECC (Error Correcting Code) DIMMs  that protect against internal data corruption, said Marshall Dawson,  senior member of the Sage Technical Staff. Normally the ECC DIMM  configuration (setting all values to zero) would require about 160  milliseconds per GB, but Dawson wrote an algorithm that cut that  configuration time by more than half.

      "Sage and X-ES  worked together to bring fast boot capability to multiple X-ES  products, including XPedite7450,” said Matt Starzewski, principle  embedded engineer at X-ES. “Coreboot® and the Intel® Firmware  Support Package (Intel® FSP) offer a minimalist firmware framework  that lends itself well to boot time optimization.”

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