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    System video response too slow when using EMGD MR1 on BSP MR1 for Celeron 2930 with WEC7

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      Hello all:


      This is the continuation of the previous post that I had, where I could not find the EMGD that matches the BSP MR1 for my development.  I was using EMGD MR2 with the INTEL BSP MR1 and it works but there was no way I could find to how to change the resolution and adjust the color.  The suggestion was to use the matching release version, which is EMGR MR1.  The problem now I have is that the response of the system is too slow on the video as I open the cmd window, and start typing.  It takes some 5 seconds before any character to appear on the window.  And as I type, each character is slowly show.  When I run dir command, it slowly displays the files.  Can anyone tell me what the problem is?  Thank you in advance.