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    EMGD  vs IEGD  (how to do in EMGD what I did in IEGD?)

    tom.abcd Green Belt

      In the past I used the IEGD driver on a 945 graphics chipset.  

      Now we are changing to a E3825  processor that uses the EMGD driver and I am missing how to do some of the things I used to do with the IEGD.

      1. Custom DTD files.    With the IEGD,  I could create and add custom DTD files and then  it would create the driver I would install it into Windows and that would put the DTD info in the registry.

      So does this exist in the EMGD?    Looking around I found "INTEL_EMGD.BYT_VBIOS_MR4_36.2.9_3842.ZIP" and it had BMP.exe.   When I ran this on my development PC it would run for a bit and then lockup. 

      Also it seems this solution needs to modify the BIOS.   Is there a solution where I do not need to modify the bios and still get custom DTDs?  ( I need custom DTDs for the cases where the monitor does not have EDID data or for the case where the CPU is turned on before the monitor is turned on.)  

      2.  Setting the Resolution, rotation and Single/Clone/Extended via an API.   With the IEGD,  I used the IEGD escape commands to programmatically make these changes.

      So what Api's are available in Win7 and Win8 to do this?