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    Bay Trail E3800 series and SDCARD UHS-I modes

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      I'm currently working with the SD card interface on Bay Trail E3800 series. It looks like UHS-I modes are limited to SDR12, SDR25 and DDR50 modes. SDR50 and SDR104 doesn't seem to be supported according to the capability bits. As SDR104 are very similar to HS200 mode, I'm a bit surprised it's not supported. As SDR50 may require tuning and SDR104 requires tuning, that may be the reason why they are not supported.

      Are there any differences depending on micro code revisions? Some never generations may support SDR50 and SDR104?

      Coding are no problem as the host capability bits can be checked for support, but it would be nice to know if the fastest modes will be supported in the future.

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