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    Baytrail coreboot support

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      Hi there,


      Recently Intel added support for Baytrail FSP to the coreboot project. I just have 2 questions:

      1) Does this have support for Baytrail-T (eg: Atom Processor Z3735F) ?

      2) If not, will this be added and if so, when should we expect a drop?







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          It should. We're going forward with the thought that our Bay Trail FSP will work on that processor.

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            Hello Scott,


            The document #554416 Reference Coreboot for Bayley Bay Platform with Bay Trail FSP - GOLD3 could be useful for you.


            Due to this documentation is classified as Intel Confidential; it requires a non-disclosure agreement between your company and Intel. You would need to apply for a Privilege account by visiting intel.com. You can find more information in the "Manage my Account" section found on this page

            lIntel® Embedded Design Center Contact and Support

            However, to qualify for an account, you must use the company email address, not a personal one such as yahoo, Gmail, etc. If you would like to be contacted by an Intel representative to assist you in the process, please let us know.


            Best Regards.