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    Tizen IVI on Atom E38xx (kernel configuration)

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      Hello! I prepare kernel 3.10.28 with recomendations from https://www-ssl.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/guides/tizen-ivi-m2-kernel-ltsi-linux-support-package-atom-e3800-gsg.pdf (january 2015 revision).

      1) In that guide in "cp arch/x86/configs/byt_32_tz_emgd_defconfig .config" and make sure following item is configured to y "CONFIG_DRM_EMGD=y".

      2) Next, in process these instructions:

      "-Type "make arch=i386 menuconfig".

      -  Go to > Device Drivers > Multimedia Supports > Intel Atom Image Signal

      Processor CSS2.0 Driver (set as “M”)

      - Save and Exit."

      In the second instructions new config file created and all emgd settings are removed. I compared byt_32_tz_emgd_defconfig and .config file after CONFIG_DRM_EMGD string is absent in new .config file.

      That config file is more correct, byt_32_tz_emgd_defconfig, or new .config after How prepare config file with settings for emgd and ISP together?

      Thanks for any help!