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    GPIO access on MinnowMax

    AntejaVM Green Belt

      I work with GPIO pins on MinnowMax. On Linux I can toggle GPIOs with no trouble, also on Windows 7( I download  IO controllers driver with headers for creating application), but on Windows 8.1 I have a problem. I install Intel's IO controllers driver special for MinnowMax, but I couldn't toggle GPIO because I haven't material for making application. On Microsoft web site they only have material for creating driver, but I install driver, why I need to write another driver.

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          AdolfoS Brown Belt

          Hello Anteja.


          I apologize for the late reply, but there was a technical issue on the forum, and we have not seen this post until now.


          The GPIO driver that you installed is the GPIO controller driver.


          You need to write a driver for your specific device, this driver interacts with the GPIO Controller using the GPIOClx.


          This is a decision of Microsoft, not an Intel decision, so we can't comment about why it is done this way.


          This page provides more information:

          GPIO-Based Hardware Resources (Windows Drivers)


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