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    Remove EEPROM (I350)

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      My name is Vitaliy.

      There are question

      Can we use the I350-AM2, without EEPROM? using only SMBus without changing the bus speed (maximum frequency of 100 KHz).

      We have restrictions in the board dimensions, so we want to remove EEPROM chip.

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          gabriel.thomas Brown Belt

          Hello Vitali,


          Welcome back to the Intel Embedded Community.

          We are checking your case and we will contact you with additional information as soon as possible.




          Gabriel Thomas.

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              gabriel.thomas Brown Belt

              Hello Vitali,


              The I350 supports EEPROM-less operation with the following limitations:


              • Non-manageabiltiy mode only.
              • No support for legacy Wake on LAN (magic packets).
              • No support for Flash storage of option ROM code (such as PXE) on a NIC.
              • No legacy option ROM support (PXE, iSCSI Boot, etc) is available on NIC or LOM.
              • No support for serial ID PCIe capability.
              • The EEPROM images released by Intel contains a seet of configuration defaults overrides.


              All initialization values usually taken from the EEPROM should be done by the host driver.


              Please check the following link for reference: Intel Ethernet Controller I350 Datasheet.


              Please let us know if you have any other question.


              Best regards,


              Gabriel Thomas.