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    Where to find Intel HD Graphics SDK

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      Hello, I was recently upgraded to Privileged Access and I'm looking for the correct Windows SDK that will allow me to manage outputs (HDMI) on Intel HD Graphics displays. 


      I need to be able to, from a .Net application on an embedded board:


      • Detect connected displays (HDMI or VGA) and (Multiple output/screen as well)
      • Detect supported resolutions of connected displays
      • Apply supported resolutions to connected displays
      • Toggle "Maintain Display Scaling" or "Center Image" feature of Intel Graphics


      This embedded board will be a digital signage style thin client with no keyboard or mouse, detection and applying of display configurations will need to be done automatically via code.


      PS: I cannot use built-in Windows display configuration API.  The API is not well documented for multiple desktops and Windows API doesn't allow for the Intel Graphics feature of "Maintain Display Scaling"