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    Development platform for Bay Trail-T

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      I'm wondering if there are any Bay Trail-T platform out there suitable for firmware development? With suitable I mean a socket for flash and anything that can show life early in the POST process.


      First of all, it must have a power on LED showing BSP CPU life. Second it needs to have some way to communicate with the outside world that are available early. That can be a debug interface like XDP, a legacy serial port, a port 0x80 display, a GPIO controlled LED or even a buzzer connected to the speaker signal. Anything you can use to show that the firmware is running.


      Moving code for lighting a LED or beeping in a speaker is tedious, but it works. Port 0x80 is good, serial port is even better and XDP is the best of all.


      I will appreciate any tip on platforms. Surprisingly, the board or product vendors know very little about these things. I'm sure that early in the development cycle they had some prototype with the required connections.


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