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    S3 - STR (Suspend To Ram) support in Bay Trail?

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      In the documentation I have (BWG, EDS etc.) there are no reference to S3. There are S0, S0i1, S0i2, S0i3, S4 and S5. However, S3 is supported by Windows 8.1 and Android for Bay Trail. How is it supported by Bay Trail? As S3 will power down the chip as in S4 and S5, the DRAM need to be self refreshed and that needs to be managed somewhere.


      I think the idea behind S0xi states is replaces S3, but it would be nice to support S3 as a fallback. S3 is a well proven ACPI standard, so it should be supported.


      My first thought was to remove S3 from the ACPI code, but as it's supported by Windows and Android there is a mechanism for it, so I hope to get some help from here digging for it.


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