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    I210IS compatibility with W25Q16DVSSIG flash

    Ryan-VRINC Community Member

      We have designed a prototype board with one I210IS (fiber) chips and one WGI210IT (copper) chip.  We selected the Winbond W25Q16DVSSIG flash chip and this worked great with the I210IT, but not with the I210IS.  The flash appears as a "Generic JEDEC Flash" instead of as "Winbond W25Q Family" and is given the string name "Unsupported Flash" in the LANConf tool.  We looked at this on our other prototype board with the same result, unsupported on the I210IS chip and operational on the two I210IT chips.  Our schematics are identical between the I210IS and I210IT (exception of course at the fiber/copper nodes).


      According to the Intel® Ethernet Controller I210Datasheet on page 796, this should be a supported flash:


      Winbond* Compatible:1







      Winbond Validated:2





      We are about to try a different chip (Microchip ST25VF032B-80-4I-S2AF-T) but would like to get feedback how the I210IT differs from the I210IS in regards to flash.  Attached are images showing what we see in the LANConf tool when looking at both.  Thanks in advance.