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    Any differences in Bay Trail Z37xx series versus E38xx series......

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      Z37xx series looks like a subset of E38xx series. Accordingly, the same firmware code used for E38xx series may work on Z37xx series, just leaving out the code for the missing devices. In theory the same MRC code will work with all Baytrail series.


      As an example, adoption of E3845 firmware to Z3735F firmware would be accomplished as follows.


      • Modify flash descriptor to reflect Baytrail-T architecture
      • Remove any code initializing hardware missing in the chip
      • Replace Baytrai-I microcode with Baytrail-T  microcode


      This should work, unless there are any hidden quirks regarding the Baytrail-T architecture. So my questions are as follows:


      1. Is there another MRC used for Baytrail-T than for Baytrail-I, or can the Baytrail-I MRC work unmodified on Baytrail-T?
      2. Do you have an alternate FSP package for Baytrail-T or what should be changed in the FSP package to support Baytrail-T?


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