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    BayTrail E3800 SMBUS drivers for Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7)

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      Hi all,


      we're putting together a design that relies on a third party embedded board with limited IO and have been forced to use the SMBUS interface from the E3800. The target system will use WES7 and there are no obvious user-space interfaces to the SMBUS although an Intel SMBUS driver is listed in Device Manager.


      So, a quick question, are there any drivers or documented user-space interfaces available to expose the SMBUS to user-space in WES7? Driving it in either SMBUS or I2C mode is fine as the attached devices would support either protocol.


      Things I know so far:


      • Some manufacturers provide APIs for SMBUS, eg Advantech have their SUSI drivers. Our supplier doesn't. :-(
      • The Intel Embedded Drivers for Windows 7 package supports the 7 I2C peripherals, not the SMBUS peripheral.


      Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.



      Dave Breslin